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River Sound

The sound of the river.
Is all you need.
For some serenity.
The simplicity.
Cool air.
Vacant stare.
Cool breath.
Summer’s death.
But hope is still beneath.
All that we can see.
So much reality.
Hidden from plain sight.
The moon and the coming night.
Questions swirling.
Thoughts twirling.
The unknown.
No control.
Let it go.
Moral compass.
On patrol.
And then there’s life.
All things dissipate.
Only the moment.
Stand still.
Be still.
Not alone.
I’m never alone.
You’re never alone.

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Old Red Chair

Old red chair
Music filling the air
Guy playing with her hair
Anger flowing from despair
Sadness doesn’t seem fair
Love is a threat he said
Alone in an empty bed
Rings true in my head
Loneliness chokes melodies
Or creates them steadily
Searching for something readily
But still left so empty
Perhaps not so different from me
I know it isn’t so far from me
At least who I used to be
Or who I think I am sometimes
We all get a little blind
To the supposed realities in our minds
But I want to know the truth
I know a greater love is the proof
John Mayer has said it well
Love is a verb
And it surely disturbs
Anything that isn’t really real
Do we really want to be free?
Do we really want to see?
I’m not so sure.
In my view is a young pair
He’s playing with her hair
And I’m breathing in the same air
As the melodies of despair
Trying to hide that I care
In this old red chair
In this old red chair

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