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Changing Tides and Church Bells

I didn’t think I’d see this day
I didn’t think I’d feel this way
At least not so soon

I didn’t want this time to come
Where I’m left with explosions
Of years in my brain

Like lightning
Thunder rolls
You can’t ignore
And there’s the flash

Strangely been waiting for it
I know it’s timely and needed

As I walk away
I know we can’t stay
The stars are pulling us for a time
They are speaking 

I haven’t lost faith
I just know things won’t be the same

So tonight I won’t close my eyes
Hoping dawn will pass us by

But there’s no use holding on so tight

Change is always bound to come
With fists and screams it may meet some
But I know we grow steady as the trees
Faithfulness and love will put us at ease

Swells of tears
Memories and years
Are being let go 

The pulse of life
Joy and strife
It’s time for the new

These nights I soak in the sounds
Of church bells ringing
Songs for the changing
and wandering mind
Finding peace in its tradition
and its constant chimes

A lot of things may come and go
Even the songs and hymns in my soul
But my heart will always remember and know
That you were my home.

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