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I am strong
I am beautiful
I am determined
I have dreams

But tonight
I will let myself feel some things

It’s one of those nights
Every song on the radio seems right
Endlessly drifting on like a kite
Into the melodic worlds in my mind
I won’t put up a fight
No, not this time

If I say all that I feel
Would it even be real
Or only exist like the Man of Steel
The run of imaginations on a picture reel
You could call it a gift or an Achilles heel

Life really throws curveballs sometimes
And all I can do is come up with rhymes
This and that and nonsensical lines
These are my only unedited times
I guess it’s all meant to grow you by design
Struggle and pain is still divine
Everything can change at the drop of a dime
Everything known could end at anytime
But tonight all I do is let out a sigh…

At the thought of accepting and letting go

I had dreams
and it was my everything
But I’ve forgotten what it all means
No, the meaning has lost me
And I think that’s a very good thing
But it has changed everything
And most of the time I’ve been ready

So back to the drawing board
And I might be onto something
I am someone new
and there’s more to this truth

The dark side of the same coin

Happiness sits in the fantasies
Although it’s more than real to me
Pulling me down like gravity
Depending on how I see
Sometimes I am floating
You were that and now I see
It can never ever really be
This kind of life for you and me
So snap back to reality

I hate waking up in the morning
Go get in touch and do some soul searching
Got me to the edge and to the reaching
As I’m falling
Still falling
Breathe me
Feel it
I want to
You want to
Deny it
I want you to
Sing it
I won’t
You won’t
I can’t
I can’t
That’s that

Tomorrow I will be back
Like it was none of that
Tonight I forget the fact
That I know white from black
Wish I could turn back
But I don’t

I won’t have regrets
I’ve counted 100 to nothing
They will appear and disappear
Depending on how it looks in the mirror
From where I’m standing

Either way
We are still in the present day
And I’m told God loves me the same
At least that’s why I figure my heart keeps beating on
So it’ll keep dreaming on

Though I’ll fly and sink low every time you catch my eye
And I’ll say goodbye
I know more that nothing can stop me

I am strong
I am beautiful
I am determined
I have dreams

Good Mourning.
Good Morning.

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Old Red Chair

Old red chair
Music filling the air
Guy playing with her hair
Anger flowing from despair
Sadness doesn’t seem fair
Love is a threat he said
Alone in an empty bed
Rings true in my head
Loneliness chokes melodies
Or creates them steadily
Searching for something readily
But still left so empty
Perhaps not so different from me
I know it isn’t so far from me
At least who I used to be
Or who I think I am sometimes
We all get a little blind
To the supposed realities in our minds
But I want to know the truth
I know a greater love is the proof
John Mayer has said it well
Love is a verb
And it surely disturbs
Anything that isn’t really real
Do we really want to be free?
Do we really want to see?
I’m not so sure.
In my view is a young pair
He’s playing with her hair
And I’m breathing in the same air
As the melodies of despair
Trying to hide that I care
In this old red chair
In this old red chair

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