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Looky Looky! Read Your Booky!


I haven’t written anything in a while, so I feel like there’s a lot buzzin’ inside ready to be spilled out onto this awesome medium of self expression. Haha.

For the past few months I’ve been diving deep into the Bible and I’ve been discovering some awesome things. It’s been rocking my world. After deciding to step down from leading worship for a while, I’ve been able to really buckle down and wrestle with/ask deep questions about my Christian life and all that I’ve known, seen, and experienced. I went out to Bethel Redding in Cali, felt even more of something stirring inside of me, came back, and during Christmas time I gained a revelation from the Christmas story in Luke 2 that led me to study even further into the truths in the Bible. It wasn’t anything that I forced or tried to seek out. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to help myself. It was very spontaneous and exciting. God showed me… and the more I read and looked the more revelation I gained and I couldn’t stop. It’s been quite a journey since then. I’ll go more into detail soon.

What amazes me is that I’ve come all this way… I’m 25 years old, turning 26 in 3 months, been a Christian for most of my life, and I am NOW just finally seeing things that I should have been taught at the beginning. I wonder how many Christians actually know what they believe, why they believe it, why they do what they do, etc. I am seeing more than ever how important it is to have good theology. Did you know everyone is a theologian? Everyone.

No, we might not be all like scholarly and super smart, having multiple P.H.D.s and using big words, sitting with bifocals,and digging into essays and commentaries and all the like, but everyone believes something about God. And we don’t have to be like what I described to have good theology and know the truth. Now, more than ever, I am seeing how important it really is to study! So many Christians go on believing whatever is given to them. Church tradition, experience, and the big shots who write books and devotions are what feeds the masses. We have the GREATEST privilege to have the Bible to look and read and discover what it says for ourselves!

I’m not discrediting history or experience or the big shots… we all can learn SO much from everything and everyone, but it seems we spend more time reading and listening to everything and everyone else, instead of getting into it and studying for ourselves. We have an ocean of free resources and tools! It’s amazing! I’ve been guilty of it, too. It’s not really the most horrible thing that we trust our church leaders, we trust people who have studied and written books, we trust church tradition, especially if it’s been around forever and respected by many, but what if there’s more? What if there’s more even beyond what you might have experienced? Couldn’t it be possible that what you’ve experienced or parts of it has been outside of the truth?

Haven’t you questioned some things? Haven’t you wondered what that passage in the Bible REALLY means? Haven’t you wondered if what has been taught is right? Haven’t you wondered why you do x and y and z and still feel like something is missing? Haven’t you wondered why you do what you do in Church and as a Christian? Haven’t you wondered why you don’t seem to do and be all that you see in the Bible? Haven’t you wondered where the joy and love is? What is the Gospel? And if it’s such good news then why have I hardly felt compelled to share it?

It’s amazing how we just take and swallow and agree because it makes sense to us, and everyone else seems to agree. And just because you can spout off a passage of Scripture to back up whatever was said, it doesn’t even mean anything. Some might feel it is disrespectful to question things that have been solid… or rather, seems solid. But I don’t. Life is short. I would like to live it fully, and know why I am doing what I’m doing and why I believe what I believe. Gone are the days where I just take what someone says, or take how a Bible passage has been interpreted without really looking at it myself for I am learning that good theology is important. It affects the whole of your life. It’s not just perspective or opinion or preference. There IS truth.

I don’t know everything and I’m not a pro at Bible study, but I think I’m smart enough to look and see and try and learn it. I think everyone should open themselves up to really dig deep into the Bible and look at it with fresh eyes, ready to learn something… possibly even outside of your current theological stance or church background. We study to learn the truth, not to gain points for being a good Christian. A good place to start is instead of reading out a devotional, do one yourself. Let’s be Christians who know what we believe and why we believe it, and not just because someone told us or because it’s church tradition. I’m not saying throw all of that out. I’m just sayin’ let’s learn to think for ourselves, too. And then let’s really praise God for who He REALLY is and live our lives as we were meant to live it – totally wacked out by His love.


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EPIC worship!

Wahooo! I’m back sooner than I ever thought I would be! Rub your eyes, blink a few times and realize, yes, it is true… I am back for some more blogging action! *poses like a power ranger* Go, Mastadon, Go! (Why I picked mastadon of all of them, I have no idea… that’s interesting…)

It’s Bloggin time!

First, I would just like to say…

The weather was absolutely beautiful!! I love 70s and breezy! I rode my bike to work, and experienced the joy of pedaling fast and feeling the wind against my skin as my lungs breathed in some awesome fresh air. I HEART IT. And of course I had my headphones in listening to some groovy tunes. It’s like my fav. FAV. It makes me feel so alive, and so glad to BE alive. It makes me feel free, like I’m flying, and there’s nothing in the world to be worried about or be consumed with because nothing matters but that very moment. I’ve realized this summer that the small things that I absolutely LOVE doing are actually very important. Not just important as in how much I enjoy, value, and treasure them, but important for my s.a.n.i.t.y. It’s things like that that help you to live in that state of mind always… with a full heart, and a clear mind. I want to live with that freedom always. Free and full of peace. Loving life, loving God, and loving myself.

Now for the good stuff…

A couple weekends ago I made a last minute decision to go to CHICAGO! Woot! Jesus Culture was having their first ever huge arena event at the Allstate Arena. I was totally pumped to go like 6 months ago, but I kind of waited to see what would happen financially and with work and all that… and as the date got closer, I was preparing myself to give up on it. I didn’t have the money for the ticket, let alone for food and gas and all that. I was pretty much at the point of knowing I wasn’t going to be able to go, but THEN I just felt in my heart, “No, I really want to go. I need to go to…” I don’t know if it was just me wanting to go and deciding to, or God saying I should, but I still didn’t have the money. A few days before the event, I was given some money to be able to go, had a ride where I didn’t have to pay for gas, and got a free place to stay. Everything … just worked out. So I ended up going. Yeah. It was sweet. Being in an atmosphere with 15,000 people who were passionate about God and listening to people with a status of “legendary” speaking about God was totally awesome. When we weren’t at the event we were hanging out with the Rech’s (the coolest people ever!) meeting new people, praying over each other, and playing music. It was totally something I needed to be around. It was encouraging and so refreshing to me. It was a good time. But there’s one thing that topped it all.

Experiencing an EPIC moment of worship that I will NEVER forget.

Worshipping with the Jesus Culture band live was so incredible. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT. My goodness. It made me realize how important it is. How important worship is… how important worship leaders are… how important worshipping with others in a corporate setting is. I believe I tasted something very special on that very last night of the event.

Imagine this: You’re in a stadium with 15,000 people. The Jesus Culture band plays… leads us into an awesome time of worship, great songs, great atmosphere. You feel His presence and when you listen, you can hear voices all around you singing in unison, worshipping and praising God. Kim Walker takes us even deeper with a song called Fill Us Up followed by some spontaneous singing from the heart. There was such sensitivity to the Spirit and genuine hearts of worship. His presence gets thicker. And as we continue to move into worship, the band continues to play another song, it ends, and still the presence remains. We had reached a depth and have been so immersed in His presence that even as Banning comes up to try and transition, people will not stop shouting and praising God. And while we’ve had moments of joyous cheering and shouting all through the weekend, this was different. There was praise welling up inside of each person. At least that’s what I felt. It wasn’t just cheering because everyone else was. There was a spirit of praise and people couldn’t help themselves. Soon, everyone started chanting, “Jesus”. Sounds cheezy I know. But then it goes into some rhythmic clapping and everyone singing a melodic line filled with “ohhhs”… all without the band. People start jumping up and down and dancing and clapping some more. It was electrifying. I felt goosebumps and my heart wanted to just explode with shouts. I’m not usually like that and I don’t just cheer for the sake of cheering. But this… was just awesome. It was something different.

Here’s a YouTube video of it. It really doesn’t do it justice. It may kind of just look like something that might happen at a soccer game or some hype at an event, but I’m telling you it was different. While the cameras in the video focus a lot on the stage and all the lighting and stuff seems noticeable, being there it felt so pure and so much more about everyone in the stadium as opposed to what was happening on stage. I wish I could be a part of something like that again… or better yet, be one of the worship leaders to usher in the presence and have it just take off like that. O_O

I wanted to post this up sooner, but better late than never!!

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